Personal/Business Financial Analysis

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Anyone can come across some opportunities in life whether as a personal investment or investing in a business which may require serious due-diligence. Because the size of the necessary investment, it is essential to conduct an impartial and in-depth evaluation of the opportunity.

Miklos (Financial Statement Analysts in Brampton) is equipped and has done due diligence on numerous third-party exempt market products, business and investment opportunities in the past. One of them had a valuation even as high as over $125 million.  

It usually is advisable to have a second opinion before embarking on a significant investment or business acquisition. A thorough and impartial third party business financial analysis in Brampton may save you lots of headache or money or may validate your due-diligence and desire.

For a fraction of the cost of the actual investment, you may employ Miklos’ over 30 years dynamic financial analysis and valuation experience for your benefit.

Your cost is a function of the time commitment and can be structures as a set fee or based on an hourly fee.